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Gift Cards

Make your choice!  Pick one, two, or more of these quality gift cards.  Just follow the instructions.

High Value Gift Cards

$1000 Visa Gift Card

$1000 Walmart Gift Card

$1000 Paypal Gift Card

$500 Amazon Gift Card

$100 McDonald's Gift Card

$250 Domino Gift Card


We have selected several quality sweepstakes for you.  Review them, make your choice, enter and win.

Cash Sweepstakes

Win $500 to Your Cash App

Win $1000 in Cash

Win $1000 Per Week For Life

Electronics Sweepstakes

Win an iPhone 11 Pro

Win a Pair of Apple Airpods

Get the New Galaxy Z Flip


Here you have a good selection of free giveaway products and free sample products.  Just make your choice and follow the instructions.

Free Giveaway Products

Free Credit Card Size Multifunction Tool

This credit card size multifunction tool incorporates 11 tools including a can opener, screw drivers and a saw blade.  It is a useful tool to keep in any wallet.  Yours FREE for a limited time.  Get it here.

Discover Lab Diamonds


Are lab diamonds as beautiful as natural diamonds?


Yes!  Lab created diamonds are identical to their natural counterparts in every way.  Lab created diamonds are grown in a lab that recreates the conditions that led to the development of natural made diamonds.  The basic material in both types of diamonds is pure carbon.   That is the reason why both lab diamonds and mined diamonds have the same physical properties and appearance.

Free Product Samples

Free Tide Samples

Free Household Product Samples

Free Chips Samples

Free Moms and Babies Product Samples

Free Victoria's Secret Samples

Save Money

There are obviously many ways to save money.  We are going to focus here on saving money online with auction sites and coupons apps. 

Auction Sites

During this holiday season, or at any time, one of the best ways to save money on electronics and kitchen appliances is to participate in bid on auctions sites.  Why?  With well placed bids you can land quality items at a major discount, without having to wait around for publicized discount days such as Black Fridays.  At any time, you can just log in, check the items you want to purchase and place your bid.

You have probably seen on TV or online commercials touting a particular auction site where people were get unbelievable deals such as this one below.

A quick disclaimer here.  Your chance of getting a deal like this one is probably very small because of the increase awareness of that site since those early days, but it could still happen. 

Nowadays there are many auctions sites to choose from.  From the largest and probably the most famous one such as Ebay, to newer ones such as AuctionMaxx.  Some auction sites specialize in specific niches such jewelries, cars, etc.  Other offer a large choice of products. 

The auction site we recommend is DealDash.  It is one of the best and most trusted auction site online.  DealDash is the auction site of the commercial we mention above.  With DealDash, you can realistically save up to 90% on kitchen appliances and electronics. 

You can join DealDash by clicking the link below or one of the images.

Coupon Apps

Another way to save money while you do your grocery shopping is to use coupon apps.  Nowadays there is no need to clip paper coupons anymore (unless you really enjoy it). 

Here are some of the best free coupon apps:


This app allows you to get cash back every time your shop in grocery stores.  Once your cash back reaches $20, you can cash it out and use the money toward future grocery purchases or transfer the cash into a gift card.


With this app you save money when you shop, but instead of getting cash back you get points which you can redeem in the form of gift cards.  What makes this app different is that you get points without having to purchase anything.  You will get points just by visiting and scanning products they list in the specific stores.


With this app, you select the store you plan to visit beforehand and you will a list of all the active discount offered.

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